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From a head office in Shanghai, CRS Education is focused on the provision of consulting and recruiting services to schools across Asia. Our in-depth understanding of the education market in this region allows us to provide the best advice possible to expatriate job seekers and to deliver high quality, local consultancy services to schools and other education providers.

Our January recruitment fair events are held in Shanghai and Abu Dhabi and include professional development workshops on the first day of each fair delivered by recruiting schools. 

Our 2017 fairs will be held on the following dates:

Shanghai : Jan 13th - 15th

Abu Dhabi : Jan 19th - 21st

We're delighted to say that our previous Abu Dhabi and Shanghai Fairs have been a great success. Many thanks to the candidates and schools who attended - and whose contributions ensured such productive and enjoyable events. Please view our jobs page for some of the posts registered, but please be aware that this is only a proportion of the posts our schools are interviewing for.  

If you would would like to register for our recruitment services in general, please click here to register your profile. There is no charge for job seekers to register for our services or attend the fairs.

Please contact if you would like further information about any aspect of our services.




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